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06 June 2011 @ 08:59 pm
Road trip!  
I took a trip down to Castine today with my mom. We stopped a lot along the way to check out different shops. I got a unicorn keychain, a piece of turquoise and hematite, a "Dream" button, a MMA tshirt, and some fudge. I have pictures, so I'll tell you guys about it later when those are online.

Next I want to go to Freeport to see the desert of Maine. Yeah, Maine, with your greenery and rolling hills and coastal lines, we have a desert... just an odd place that's buried in sand from a glacier, and a 200 year old barn nearby. I heard a legend once that the people who lived in the barn were cursed, and sand started showing up... sand and more sand, and it just piled up until they couldn't farm the land anymore.

In reality, they think that the farming cause erosion and revealed the glacial silt under the ground. It's not REALLY a desert because... hello, Maine. :)
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