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12 May 2012 @ 01:26 am
Okay, so overdue life update incoming.

No college for me. I often want to go back to MMA - even make slight plans to - but I remember that 1) it's too physically demanding 2) it's too expensive 3) they do not have a MAJOR that works for me.

And all of the above sucks a lot.

More stuff sucks a lot.

My entire life I've had problems with my guts. Undiagnosed IBS, pretty much. Very painful, all the time. It's finally gotten to the point where now and then I just gush blood. It's pleasant. It worried me enough to actually go to the ER and the ugly truth finally came out.

I frigging hate talking about that kind of stuff. But it's gone on long enough it's having neg effects on my insides, I think. So I had a blood test done to see if I'm allergic to gluten or something. As much as it would freaking SUCK to be allergic to gluten, because gluten-free foods (that normally have gluten, that is) are HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. :( My nephew had autism and they recommend gluten-free food, so that's how I know. :| BUT.... as much as that would bite to switch my diet and have to nom on crappy stuff now and then... I kind of really want the test to come up positive. Because then at least I'll finally know what's wrong with me and be able to sort of fix it. And lord knows a strict diet would do my figure some good. I liked myself a lot better 100 pounds ago. And if it's not gluten, that means that chances are I just have to keep living with this pain for the rest of my life unless I can figure out something else I'm allergic to.

Besides fruit. I'm allergic to kiwi - they make me bleed and itch - and I think I'm slightly allergic to fruit entirely in a similar way. So I'm just awesome with weird allergies that suck balls.


Oh, and when they took my blood for the test I was like, "I'm feeling squeamish today" and then proceeded to nearly pass out after they were done with me. Totally lame. :| Sometimes I handle it, sometimes I can't. But I felt better as soon as they let me have some water. Woo. What a weird and horrible feeling it is to nearly faint.

Oh, and I should have had them test me for diabetes, come to think of it. I probably have it by now.